About RITL

There are thousands of treatment centers across the United States and hundreds in South Florida alone. Our outpatient treatment program is designed for patients who either have not attended inpatient treatment or have ended their inpatient program. Most clients who attend outpatient treatment are taking their first step in recovery and wish to complete a program designed to help them, while carrying on with their lives. Clients attending outpatient programs usually have other obligations such as school, work or family that may prevent them from attending a 30-day inpatient plan. An outpatient treatment program is the answer for these individuals.

What sets Recovery in the Light apart from other substance abuse programs is the comprehensive treatment plan that is individually tailored for each client. Our experienced clinicians are passionate about recovery and are committed to providing the most appropriate and best quality of care available. The outcome is intended to create empowered individuals whose strengths and resilience is maximized so they may confidently move forward in a life free from the debilitating effects of substance abuse.

We aim to focus on the individual, with the goal of providing any assistance needed for long term recovery. For instance, we will work with you in applying for public assistance if you are eligible, and help obtain medications if you have no prescription coverage.


We realize transportation is always a factor in attending outpatient treatment. We provide transportation to our patients anywhere within a 20-mile radius of Davie, Florida.

Recovery in the Light, Inc. will assist clients in getting any medications they may need for mental health issues (if their insurance is not covering it) at no cost to them through the pharmaceutical company’s prescription assistance programs. Adherence to psychiatric medication is a crucial piece of continued recovery for those with mental health problems. The recovery process is not just about going to group therapy and getting in touch with problems and finding solutions, but it is also about self-care and the client’s right to self-determination.