Mission Statement

We have taken addiction and mental health treatment out of the hospital environment and moved it into welcoming, private settings where you’ll feel right at home. Our treatment center located in Hollywood, Florida, an area ideally located for leisure activities, which can complement our treatment program. Our clients will find a new way to live with established long term recovery, while experiencing the gifts south Florida has to offer. Recovery in the Light takes advantage of the temperate climate and enriching activities in the area. Clients will have frequent opportunities to apply their new life skills in a real-world environment as they gradually transition from a highly structured drug rehabilitation program back into the community.

During a stay with Recovery in the Light, clients have the option to live in one of a number of sober houses in the Ft. Lauderdale area. The recovery houses we work with are fully equipt with television, cable, barbecue grills and most importantly, a supportive environment for recovery. Each day, clients will come to the treatment center for individual, group and family counseling, education, 12-Step groups, relapse prevention planning, and skills training. To ensure that clients develop the life skills essential for lasting recovery, the staff provides training in meal planning, budgeting and other areas.